Pandora is told, in a letter from her partner and Dom D, that she is to spank herself hard. “Instructed" at Dreams of Spanking.

An incredible collaboration between Pandora Blake and feminist porn superstar Ms Naughty, “Instructed" is a remote domination scene, featuring a letter from Pandora’s real life partner, D. Full film and screengrabs at Dreams of Spanking.

"Now go stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done!"

Full film and photoset: “The Strict Governess

Models: David Weston, Pandora Blake.

Source: © Dreams of Spanking.

David’s been a naughty boy, so his governess Pandora bends him over for a harsh hand spanking to put him in line. “The Strict Governess" starring David Weston and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking.

David Weston, Dreams of Spanking's newest male spankee, is taken over Pandora Blake's knee, and spanked hard to keep him in line in our new Victorian film, “The Strict Governess”.

What better way to teach your new sister-in-law to be a good wife than by spanking her bottom bright red? “The Seating Plan" starring Pandora Blake and Ten Amorette at Dreams of Spanking.

Ten hopes a sound spanking with the hairbrush will make sure Pandora treats her new husband properly. “The Seating Plan" starring Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake, at Dreams of Spanking.

Ten takes Pandora over her knee, and makes her promise to be a perfect wife to Ten’s brother. “The Seating Plan" at Dreams of Spanking.

In our new film, Ten Amorette is Pandora Blake’s new sister-in-law, a woman who will protect her brother at all costs. “The Seating Plan" at Dreams of Spanking.