Richard moves to a bare bottomed spanking, to make sure the lesson addressing his tardiness really sticks in Alexander’s mind. “Unorthodox Tutorial”, starring Richard Barton and Alexander Knight, at Dreams of Spanking.

Compassionate tutor Dr Richard Barton helps Alexander improve his time management by dispensing a firm over the knee spanking. “Unorthodox Tutorial”, at Dreams of Spanking

Can old-fashioned punishment correct this student’s tardiness? Our new film “Unorthodox Tutorial”, starring Alexander Knight and Richard Barton as the professor, at Dreams of Spanking.

Alexander is a university student, who must discuss his tardiness with his tutor, Richard. But to what lengths will he go to stay on his professor’s good side? “Unorthodox Tutorial”, starring Richard Barton and Alexander Knight, at Dreams of Spanking.

How many spanks will Thomas have to dish out before Lola agrees to get out of bed? Come and see in our new domestic discipline film “Sleepyhead”, starring Lola Marie and Thomas Cameron, at Dreams of Spanking.

When Lola continues to resist, Thomas takes down her panties and spanks her even harder! 

Sleepyhead”, starring Lola-Marie and Thomas Cameron, now at Dreams of Spanking.

Thomas, determined to rouse Lola from her slumber, bends her over and gives her a firm spanking in her pyjamas to wake her up, in our new film “Sleepyhead”, starring Thomas Cameron and Lola-Marie, at Dreams of Spanking.

Lola is enjoying a peaceful lie-in, but Thomas expects her to get up. How much will she continue to resist once he wrestles her out of bed and over his knee? Come see our new domestic discipline film “Sleepyhead”, at Dreams of Spanking.

Pandora then holds Vixxxen over a leather spanking bench, pulls down her sheer knickers, and after a firm thrashing on the bottom by hand, Vix chooses a strap to be punished with. Our new film and photoset, Meet Ms Vixxxen, at Dreams of Spanking.